Learn Kickboxing, by Tim Anderson

Can you really learn Kickboxing from a book? Well, no, not really. Not in my opinion anyway!

Fortunately for you though, this is not your everyday, run of the mill, Kickboxing book!

kickboxing book

These pages are filled with pictures and helpful hints to educate and offer guidance, as well as a complete Kickboxing syllabus from white belt to black belt, but most importantly, it has links directing you to in depth, online videos covering everything from punches to sparring, kicks to fitness.

It will be like having your very own instructor with over two decades of Martial Arts experience helping you every step of the way. You want a level of fitness that you’ve never had before. You want to be confident, look great and feel great both physically and mentally. You want to have increased strength and flexibility. You want a way of dealing with the troubles and stresses of modern life. You want to feel peaceful and centred.

So, read the book, watch the videos and start your Martial Arts journey today! Anyone, really can make it ‘All the way to BLACK belt!

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